Are You Ready for A Pet Cat?

Cats are insanely beautiful companions; these little meow machines make your world all the prettier and meaningful with the things that they do.

On some days they make seem like a havoc machine in the house, knocking the cans down and jumping from one shore to the another, but if you own one you’ll understand the happiness they bring in your life. However, if you’re planning to pet one, you need to know a few things about them.

Ask yourself the following questions so you can be sure whether or not you’re ready to own a cat and keep it healthy and happy beside managing your routine jobs.

Why do I need a pet cat?

You can have a plenty of reasons to pet a cat, but it’s important to find the right reasons. The love and companionship of a cat will surely fill your life with a lot of happiness but at the same time, their mood swings might not be welcome. If you’re buying one because you’re looking for a companion to share your love with, then believe me you’re doing the perfect thing. But, if you’re petting one because your 6-year-old child wants it and you’re sure that you’ll not be willingly taking care of it then it’s a big ‘No.’ If the answer the question ‘Why cat’ is clear in your head and if you’re ready to take the responsibility, then go ahead and make friends with one; if not rethink.

Am I ready to live with a cat?

Remember owning a cat is a serious, long-term commitment and you just can’t get rid of the responsibility one fine day. Before you decide to bring one to your home, make sure you’re ready to share with them a huge part of your life. Pet cats expect you give them attention and spare enough playtime. Unlike many animals, cats can adjust their schedules day or night to fit yours, which makes it easier to give them attention even if you have a busy workday. From money to space in the house if you are comfortable sharing things with the cat, you’re ready to go.

Will I make a responsible owner?

Being a responsible cat owner means making sure that your cat is healthy and happy and is getting the love she deserves as a family member. You need to be responsible for the following things:

1. Regular vet check-ups and vaccinations
2. Protection from fleas, worms, and ticks
3. Getting it de-sexed
4. Ensuring the cat is living in a secure environment and does not pose a threat to native species
5. Obeying licensing laws for your area

Think as many times as you want, take advice from people who own a cat and also from the ones who know your habits and lifestyle. It is best to know what other people think of you as a pet owner. Doing this will give you a series of options and will help you make the right decision. It is sad but true that people readily accept the innocent kitten faces but leave the cat in shelters when it becomes unmanageable for them to take care of their young cat.

The beautiful companions deserve a lot more than just a place to stay; so if you’re sure you’ll be a good parent then buy them, else don’t take the risk.