Choosing the Perfect Dog, Cat or Pet Bed

All of us pet owners know that our cats and dogs have very distinct personalities! Some are outgoing, some are a little more introverted and some just like being close to their owners.

When choosing the perfect bed for your cat, dog or other pet, there are lots of factors to consider. Their personality traits are one factor but also consider their habits and their likes and dislikes as well.

Also keep in mind where their bed may be placed. If it’s a drafty or very warm area, your choice of bed may be affected and you may want to select a warmer type or cooler bed style.

Our calico cat, Peaches, is a little feisty. We have other words for her at times but I’ll leave that up to your imagination! She likes to bully ‘Princess’ Elsie who doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She’s super shy and needs a lot of security. A shy or somewhat insecure pet would likely do well with a bolstered bed to offer some security – or a completely enclosed pet bed or house that they can crawl into and get all cozy, away from the world. Of course some cats like to sit in the window and watch the world – and other cats – go by! So, a cozy and comfy window perch is a perfect choice.

When choosing a great bed for your favorite canine, there are lots of sizes available for your Chihuahua-sized dog to your Great Dane! There are comfy pet beds for them to snuggle into and beds with bolsters that offer that extra needed security. Your English Sheep Dog may not need or want that extra fluffiness since they already have a bunch of fluff. But for dogs without all that hair, a pet bed with extra cushioning might be the answer. There are also cooling and heating pads and beds for pets that need it in summer or winter. And there are self-warming beds made of material to specifically harness your pet’s body heat and reflect it back to them.

All in all, by taking the time to consider all factors, you help ensure that your pet will actually use the bed and find it a great source of comfort – their ‘go-to’ place! When you start paying closer attention to your pet’s behaviour and habits, you’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll know your pet!