Finding Ways to Solve Your Business IT Problems

Business leaders say their relationship with their partners has improved significantly with the advent of IT. Customers and suppliers of every business are the main partners who have benefited from the effects of IT presence and their use. These means of communication facilitate or encourage promptness in commercial transactions both upstream and downstream. Such effects may improve business performance as well. Experts also note that companies have seen their relationships with federal funding agencies improve, whereas with state funding have dropped. How can one solve your business IT problems?

A long-term support company offers customized solutions tailored to each company’s needs:

  • Facilities dedicated to Internet security
  • Network architecture consulting
  • Computer data backup
  • Protection against malware
  • E-mail protection
  • Intrusion detection
  • Security policy advice
  • Various customized solutions

Because your computer is constantly changing, constant vigilance is required. Therefore, with the massive experience of an IT professional, business owners can rest assured knowing that they can focus on other things rather than his/her administration and their daily maintenance of integrated solutions. Secure your data without wasting time and staying focused on each job is possible! Here are some myths people need to recognize. Myth 1: My firewall protects all my network. FALSE: A firewall protects only the internet access point, not the internal network or its data. Can people know if they were hacked? FALSE: There is no diagnostic tool on the market to let a business know if it has been hacked. Only specialists can determine a hack and the extent of said hack.

It’s risky to not secure a network. TRUE: There is a major business risk of losing data. This can incur civil and criminal liability for acts that are foreign. Security is only a technical problem. FALSE: A company’s security level is measured by its weakest link. Employee safety awareness is not always the weakest link in a security chain either. Computer security is expensive! FALSE: Most experts offer customized solutions and services adapted to the budget of TPE and SMEs. The Intranet is a unifying tool, both functionally and technically. Through links, it can federate information of different types (press, statistics, records, dashboards), existing heterogeneous applications (databases, files, messaging, etc.) it integrates in a seamless desktop environment, providing the collaborators, a single source from a workstation to any type of information that can be useful in everyday life.